About FiTfix

Hi I’m Sam

I teach FitFix Classes and have done for 24 years in the Dursley and surrounding area. My passion is to encourage and motivate people of all ages and sizes reach their true potential and seeing the visual changes happening each week. Exercise is the key to a long happy healthy life mentally and physically. Society has taught us to take a pill for ailments rather than doing what nature intended us to do. All  common ailments/diseases mental or physical can be cured or managed with exercise and healthy eating. This means less aches, pains and a positive mental attitude to life and the challenges it throws at us. So if you want a kick up the bum or moral support through your healthier journey please come join me and my happy bunch of go getters.


All FitFix classes are for all abilities. You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great. No matter how old or how unfit you say you are the classes can be adapted to suit your ability just by following the options. Make the workout work for you. Intensity = effort (eg, 20% – 100%). Impact = High or low moves (eg running or marching)

COMBAT – A martial arts & boxing workout

This is the most popular class I have ever taught. Why? Because Combat is the best all over workout, basically it ticks all your boxes. For example, unlike other cardio workouts like Zumba or Aerobics where arms are for decoration or to jazz up a move,  we use a lot of arm movements by way of boxing. This increases heart rate alone and consequently tensing and squeezing with the punches creates a lean strong muscle, no more bingo wings! Combat is also very empowering and excellent for built up stress (those punches again). We use martial arts kicking for lower body workouts which again will increase your heart rate, burn fat and consequently give you leaner stronger muscles (peachy butt). So if you are on limited time choose a class that will give you everything.


You will find our FiTfix classes running at Stinchcombe Village Hall and the UAC in Sharpness. More information about venues can be found on our venues page.